Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Sad Reality.

Upon telling Jillian goodnight a bit ago...the following conversation:

J:  Mommy?  I'm really jumpy at night...I'm afraid our house will catch on fire.  That's why I have all of my stuffed animals right here next to me.  So that if we have to get out really fast, they'll be easy to grab.

Me:  Munchkin, I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I understand that stuff like that can be scary, since it's sometimes unpredictable, but I think it's going to be fine.

J:  I know, I just really worry that something will happen.

Me:  I understand.  I think I remember having similar fears and concerns.

J:  Really?  I think I just get afraid because of the fire drills and lock-down drills at school...Lock-downs scare me the most, because you can usually put out a fire.  But with lock-downs, the person is out to get you.  And won't go away.

. . . 

J:  Were you scared during fire drills and lock-downs?

Me:  Well, we actually never had lock-downs.

J:  Really?  You DIDN'T?!

Me:  No...fortunately, that kind of thing just wasn't as big of a concern as it is now...

J:  Yeah, I worry that the bad guy will come in, and tell the principal to announce that we're just having a lock-down drill.  And that then the bad guy will be able to do whatever he wants.  So a lot of times, the drills happen when we're in P.E.  And we'll all be huddled in the gym, but like, some kids try to start to talk and goof off a little - and I'm always like, 'shut UP! This could be real.'"

Me:  I honestly had never even thought about that scenario . . .