Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016: Mexico and Slimming Down. In reverse order.

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook about my need for accountability.  Like, to the degree of probably being obnoxious, and I would be surprised if there weren't a few people who have "unfollowed" me/hidden my posts.  Either because of posting about workouts...or veganism...or being a Unitarian...or craft stuff.  Whatever, the case, I'm okay with that.  I'll own it.  I post a lot.  I write a lot within those sometimes too frequent posts.  It's just me, and I make no apologies for striving to keep it real!  

Alright, so back to the reason I REALLY need some accountability.  The company that Richard works for set some pretty high goals last year, but the heads of the company also made the promise that if all the goals were met, everyone in the company (plus significant other) would be treated to a trip to Mexico...specifically, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya​ (flight, all-inclusive stay, etc.).  Both Richard and I kind of tried to not think too much about the trip or talk about it, but I definitely knew that he was working his tail off to do his part in making it happen.  Well, we found out this past week that the company met all the goals!  So Richard and I will both get to experience Mexico for the first time in April!  WOOHOO!!!

Buuuuuttttt, I've definitely got to slim down.  Not because I care what annnnyone thinks.  Because, I don't.  Well, except for me.  I care what *I* think of me.  And frankly, I've looked and felt better.  I know a big component is sleep.  And y'all, I'm TRYING.  I've been getting to bed earlier this last week, and my hope is that this will help some.  BUT - I also think that in training for a half marathon last year, I fell into the trap of eating too much, thinking it would be okay.  And, well, I definitely should've heeded the warning that you EITHER train for a longer race, OR train to lose weight, inches, etc. - but not both.

So we're going for the latter option now, friends.  I'm starting at roughly 166 pounds (yeah, I'm putting it out there...whatevs) - hoping to get a more exact number tomorrow morning, and I don't know that I really have an exact goal in mind...although, maybe I should.  I can tell you that between having J and E, I got down to 141.  That would be nice.  :)  But...not exactly a realistic, healthy goal before mid-April.  I think 10 pounds and more toned in roughly 80 days sounds good.

So let's go with that.  10 pounds and toned.'s the kicker.  I'm changing things up even more starting February 1 when my membership to Lifetime will officially be "paused."  If you know me, you KNOW I've LOVED the classes and the teachers up there.  But when I found out that a friend of mine was opening her own Jazzercise program we decided to "pause" my LT membership until summer, to see how Jazzercise works out for me (the friend that opened it has made an amazing transformation, so I'm all, "I will do this if that's what I could look like..."`). I'm a teensy bit scared to not have the same, kick-your-ass instructors I'm used to, as well as really targeted strength training and regular yoga classes, but . . . doing Jazzercise Monday through Thursday, and probably Saturday mornings (the only days it's offered) for an hour's gotta do something, right????

Anyway, my hope is that posting stats here daily will work the way it did, back in 2007/2008 when I was doing elliptical and got down to 141. Just knowing it's out there, somewhere, and that someone might be inspired by it, expecting me to keep up with it, etc. THAT is what I need to know.

I've also joined an accountability group on FB, started by a fellow vegan mama - yay! DOUBLE accountability!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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