Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soul Food in Tallahassee!!!

One of things I love most about being vegan is being "forced" to essentially narrow down restaurant options to those that are vegan-friendly, and often times, ALL vegan.  Such is the case with "Soul Vegetarian Restaurant," as they popped up on Yelp with awesome reviews (especially for their mac&cheese) AND with claims of half-off platters and sandwiches on Sundays...#nobrainer !!!

As we looked at the menu, we deliberated over what side to get with the famed mac&cheese (PETA deemed it as one of the top 5 vegan mac&cheese dishes in the country!)...When we couldn't decide, they offered samples...the kids and I tried the yams, and Jillian's reaction of wide eyes and "oh WOW!  Those are REALLY GOOD!" was echoed by the rest of us.  I also had the same reaction to the sautéed eggplant.  BEST eggplant I've ever had. 

This eggplant (below) was incredible.  I told J and E that I would give them a Jolly Rancher if they just tried a bite . . . Everett decided, "it's not worth it..." Jillian was very hesitant, but tried it and actually admitted it was "pretty good!"  

Richard and I got the black bean burger with sides of mac&cheese and yams and mac&cheese and eggplant, respectively.  
As if the picture above didn't already confirm it, yes, the mac&cheese was very much worthy of being lauded.  Just like the real thing...but waaaaay better!!!

This black bean burger was freaking.awesome.  It had a blend of bbq sauce, honey mustard, and cashew cheese on it, with the "usual fixins."  Richard even made the bold claim that it was the best black bean burger from a restaurant that he's had!  

The kids split a platter, after assurance from the lady working there that it would be plenty to split...that included a protein (they got TVP in bbq sauce - super yummy!!!!!), 2 sides, (mac&cheese and yams), and cornbread!!!!

This is half of the platter brought out for the kids, after I had divvied everything up . . . and apparently, after the cornbread had been sampled...

Comfort vegan food at its best, and a fantastic start to a vacation where I'll be cooking a lot less than usual!

A few family pics before hitting the road again:

Richard jokingly putting Everett in a sleeper hold, after I commented on how E should try to sleep some in the car, since he's had a bit of a fever (likely caused by having gotten the flu mist (a couple of days prior).