Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life and Greek Mythology, according to Jillian

It all started with Jillian talking about how sometimes her head gets overwhelmed to think about why she is the way she is, and then about the perspective on life and the way things are, as if she were someone else.  Then, because she said she feels like Greek Mythology has a more interesting way of describing how the earth and life, etc. came to be, she expressed something she mentioned earlier this week:  that it seems like there should be a different word used to describe "God."  And then, how, in GM, the gods are more of a *species* of their own (made up of gods and goddesses)...suddenly, she's telling me about "Chaos" (a force) creating "Gaia" (the earth/land, I believe), then Chronos, Uranus (yes, she giggled), Metas (sp?), etc.

She basically ended up spending about 30 minutes giving me detailed information on the chronology of how and what things happened in GM.  I told her that she should write down everything down/make a big poster or something that illustrates and describes the confusing nature of all of that stuff.  So now, naturally, she has announced, "I'm going to write a book on Greek Mythology!" . . . And is currently working on the cover page.

A little bit into our convo (we had both been working on projects in the craft room), I decided to use my voice recording app to get it all "on tape" - glad I did, because, as usual, there were giggles about this or that, me asking questions jokingly that referred to common expressions, and then cute things like the fact that somewhere in all of her explaining, she referenced something - I think a battle - and said, "that reminds me of a song...'Love is a Battlefield'" (I asked her if she knew who sang it, and she said, "Pat? . . . something.").  We eventually stopped talking because, "agh, I can't concentrate - I like this Foo Fighters song!!" (Richard had put on one of their records in the other room) . . . 

So there you have it - a little peek into the brain of my 9.5 year old daughter!  :)

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