Tuesday, June 23, 2015


(GOTD #2 is still in progress, but it is ALSO yoga-based, and expresses gratitude for yoga teacher, Miranda...but she whipped our butts last night and my body is still working on allowing my brain to catch up and write about all of the wonderful benefits of practicing hot vinyasa with her!) 

Okay, on with GOTD #3!
I'm feeling very "Om," post-yin yoga . . . Kinda like my Munchkin doing a tree pose, as she tried on the new dress that I finished making last night (more pics of that in a future post):

Why?  Because it's hard not to be absolutely amazed and grateful for what the body can do - on its own, and then, with a bit of helpful guidance.  Sometime last year, Stephen suggested using the yoga block to "teeter-totter" my head closer to the ground during seated wide-legged straddle.  And ever since then, I've been able to comfortably lay my forehead down in front of me, as we hold that position for 5 minutes.  It feels amazing to reach that point, where you can just s-t-r-e-t-c-h forward and RELEASE. And rest the head on ground in front of you.  Feeling the stretch of the legs, back, arms.

Think on that.  Stretching.  Releasing.  Relaxing.  But finding "your edge."  Slight discomfort in pushing yourself.  But strength and growth and pride in doing so.  This is yoga.  This is life.

Gratitude for patience, guidance, and for my body.  Gratitude for my yoga practice.


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