Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thrown Together, Wrapped Up, and APPROVED by ALL!

After teaching a full day of sewing classes today, I was almost instantly met with the unavoidable, obnoxiously persistent question that sneaks up on me every afternoon/early evening:

"Mommy?  What's for dinner?"

Cue the following thoughts, written as they likely played through my head:

Ugh, I need to do something with that ginormous bowl of pinto beans I soaked and cooked the other day . . . immersion blender?  Ninja blender?  Burritos . . . flautas . . . crap, still have an equally ginormous bowl of sliced and steamed squash.  Puree and throw into freezer for later?  Sneak into blended beans?  AND shredded zucchini I need to use for zucchini bread.  I think I have enough for 2 or 3 loaves.  Maybe I should just freeze the zucchini.  Why do I do this to myself?  Produce is such a pain.  All these things to make before they're just sad and unusable . . . but this is what I've chosen.  It's better for us.  You know you always feel awesome and healthy and satisfied when you cook and eat this way.  Suck it up, woman.

And so, this is what I came up with - I referred to a random recipe in one of my cookbooks for a little bit of help to know what types of spices to add, but this is pretty much all me, doing my best to use what's in the fridge and ready to go:

Like I noted in the recipe - some of these are estimates, and I just kinda went off how it looked in terms of a burrito filling.  Also, "nooch" is slang for nutritional yeast.  It tastes awesome, and since it has lots of good stuff in it (see link), I like to add it wherever I can, if there's a chance it'll taste good, or at the very least, not make something worse!  

Also, as mentioned at the end of the recipe, if your kids are anything like mine, and often need a little extra "something" to make something more "okay" and/or pleasing to the eye, you can add a few sprinkles of cheese on the tops of their burritos while they're still hot and just out of the oven.  Yeah, at this point, the recipe veers from being vegan, but my plan is to slowly wean the kids off of these rare occasions where I use dairy...and figure out a homemade alternative or just forgo it altogether in the future . . . because I just haven't been able to find one in stores that I like.  Until then, I still have some real cheese on hand for them.  My meals remain vegan, though.  :)

So anyway, how did the experience go?

Well, Jillian requested some "sour cream" to dip her burrito into, and I provided Everett with his usual, favorite dipping fare (guacamole).  

Richard and I both used the guac and I added a little of the "sour cream" to my plate as well.

And BOOM.  Those burritos were freakin' awesome.  And no fights over eating a side of veggies, either!  Because they were all hidden in the bean mixture!  Even Jillian said, "You should come up with more recipes, Mommy!  This is the best!"

Yippee!!!  Success!!!

If you decide to try out my recipe, lemme know how it goes - especially if you had kids try it, too!