Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mindfulness Through Sewing.

Many of my students are currently working on their first in the spirit of that, I thought I'd share the quilt I'm working's only the third quilt I've done (the first was another onesie quilt, for the same customer/friend's older child, and the second was a t-shirt quilt for a church friend that was in the Peace Corps and wanted the various shirts she collected in her travels to be made into a blanket).

For me, this kind of VERY long-term project represents so much more than just "a quilt" - it represents something that I hope I can help each of my students to realize:  that each creation - however simple or complicated, is a learning experience to be proud of.  The easy projects provide the opportunity to learn confidence, sometimes giving way to experimenting with new techniques. The more difficult projects provide an opportunity to practice patience and mindfulness, all the while, recognizing that there is beauty in the learning process, for we can't grow and become better without making mistakes and might as well power through these moments doing something we love, right?

Each creation is a stepping stone.  Even for this 34 year-old teacher of sewing!  I learn to think and explain and offer advice in new ways with each of my precious students.

We are all our own teachers and teachers to others.  The important thing is to strive to be mindful enough to recognize and, at some point, implement, those moments within ourselves and the ones offered to us by outside teachers.

And so, the cycle of creating, learning, and teaching continues - sometimes one at a time, sometimes simultaneously, as this rewarding discipline, hobby, skill, art form requires so many facets of the mind and of the inner spirit that drives us forward.

Thank you for allowing me to teach your children sewing - it really is so much more than just a machine or's an opportunity to become more mindful and present in the moment.  And to learn and grow from that place of awareness, with the bonus of a beautifully unique creation to be proud of all that went into it!

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