Monday, September 29, 2014

A Joyfully Made Mess of Creativity and Fun

This is no ordinary, crafty mess...this is a lovely, joyfully made mess, courtesy of my sweet sewing students and me.  I absolutely adore their enthusiasm and (sometimes overwhelming) eagerness to "make something" - I say "overwhelming" because I get it - I *know* that desire to just MAKE IT...and so, we take baby steps...making small things to learn basic skills, all the while, building a collection of techniques that they can get comfortable with and use without hesitation as ideas and inspirations come to mind.

Case in point?  Parker's sewn necklace and hair tie (the latter can also be a head or neck scarf!) - once she felt comfortable with her machine, she was determined to "MAKE SOMETHING!!!"  So I gave her some scrap fabric...and she did some different stitches on that...but then she wanted to add to it...and rummaged through my scraps to find just the right piece to add on...and again...and again... :)

And then there's Kate - a feisty, little almost 6 year old - she's smart as a whip and wants to do it all!  Her confidence at the sewing machine after such little time was so cute and awesome - I just had to take a video!  She and Parker had WAY TOO MUCH fun finding JUST the right button for their Needle Books they made.  Poor girls were so bummed that it only required one button and not a

Madison is my goofy girl - she loves to be funny...and she's very dramatic.  You may or may not be able to tell this from the pics I took as she was practicing her hand sewing on a felt pumpkin we started.  

And Amelia has grown so much in her confidence at the sewing machine and with her hand sewing.  She wants to make a skirt - and I could see that happening very soon!  She's very mindful of what she does, and hesitates to share progress until she knows she's done it right.  :) 

Stay tuned for more fun!!!  I just had to share how proud I am of them and how well they're doing!