Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thankfulness . . . Post-Thanksgiving

Just a note of gratitude, as sometimes it's nice to reflect and put things into words on a "page" . . .

Thankful for the fact that we've been lucky enough to have power/electricity, hot water, and most importantly -  each other - in the craziness of DFW's "Ice Apocalypse 2013."  

Thankful for a husband that was willing and able to safely drive us to church this morning.  It always means so much to look over at Richard and the kids from the choir loft, and to see their sweet, smiling, supportive faces.  So proud of J and E for growing in their ability to sit patiently through an entire service (a rare situation for them, as normally, they go to RE classes, but the icy weather resulted in an apparent lack of teachers...we found out later that they showed up...we just checked a bit too early), and for their adorable, little grins and waves to mommy across the way.

Thankful for the gift of food for thought and music for the soul that this church and community provide.  Singing Pinkham's Christmas Cantata this morning was invigorating and nourished my need for truly excellent music.

Thankful for a loving, heathy husband to share these things with...his patience in helping our kids learn and practice patience means so much.  I love that I get to share my love of music with all of them, and that we all have the privilege of learning about the UU faith, values, and how to live a life that demonstrates those important beliefs.

Hope everyone in the area is keeping warm and enjoying all the blessings around them.  :)

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