Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Tradition Attempt

Trying to maybe start up some new traditions with the kids:  making one of their favorite sweet treats together before daddy gets home, and then enjoying a couple of them while we decorate the tree as a family.  I decided we would do a little twist on the always loved "Fudge Babies," as these were Fudge MINT Babies with SPRINKLES!!!!  VERY good!!!!

But can I be honest?  As nice and whatever as I have described this scenario, I can only hope that our children will come away feeling those warm and fuzzy feelings that I strived to create.  Because, seriously??? --- I'm not exaggerating when I say that I had a headache, earache, and chest pain for the majority of this first attempt to start some traditions.  I feel like the amount of patience and restraint that I practice is necessary, but that it results in my feeling like my insides are going to implode.  By the end of the tree decorating/when we were trying to get them ready for bed, I had to say, "I'm almost out of my 'patient voice.'"  Any other Love & Logic parents out there that can relate to this type of feeling???

Anyway.  I am extremely thankful for the sweet, energetic, healthy children we have.  I'm glad I decided to do this fun, little activity.  I look forward to doing it next year.  I just don't enjoy the whole, "everybody will get a turn...don't push your sister/brother off of the fighting..." and the more understandable moments that some might deem as "cute":   "let's not lick our fingers and hands as we roll these into balls...etc." 

I really and truly enjoy our children.  Mainly when they're not in each other's presence.  They're either pissing each other off, or being so silly and loud I need to yell to get their attention.  On the other hand, I can actually think of nuuuuuumerous occasions where they play so well together that it just melts my heart. I guess this is just parenthood, right?  Takin' the good with the bad...

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