Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Long-Sleeved Dolman Top...attempt

Whipped up this long-sleeved dolman top this afternoon!  And by "whipped up," I mean:  last night I drew out the pattern for adding long sleeves, cut fabric, and then did the sewing today.  These go together really fast!!!  However, next time, I will heed the advice of @kymy02 and be careful to not cut the sleeves too slim.   Translation:  don't look too closely.  I'll probably rip the seams, and use this as an opportunity to add a funky strip of color down the length of the sleeve.  I also took some artistic liberties by (accidentally) cutting the neckline too much when I got distracted by kids...thus, a muuuuch wider neckline that nicely lends itself to layering a strappy tank underneath!!! 

Annnnd, since I didn't have enough fabric on the fold to do both the front and the back as one piece, I decided to piece the back together with an exposed seam down the middle :

Okay...wrappin it up and posting because I'm in a movie theater!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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