Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is how you get kids to do your work...

Small Mommy Victory!

Me:  Guys, I need you to sort your laundry - lights and darks - and then - THEN - I have something fun for you to do with my phone!

J and E:  WHAT IS IT?!!??

Me:  Can't tell you - gotta get the laundry sorted first...

**a few minutes later**

J and E:  The laundry is sorted!!!!

Okay, so, if that wasn't good enough - here's the even better part:

I showed them the most recent pile of artwork/classwork and said, "I need you to sort this into a 'Jillian' pile and an 'Everett' pile.  THEN, you're going to TAKE TURNS using my phone to take a picture." {cue Jillian's groaning over the fact that they're just taking pictures of this stuff}
"Anyway - Jillian - you and Everett are going to be using this cool app called 'Artkive' that I've starting using to *archive* your work!"

J:  And then we have to throw it all away?!??!

Me:  We'll talk about that later...but probably - this will keep your artwork FOREVER!  Papers get old and yucky...{i'm not sure she's entirely convinced, but enough for now}

So they sorted all the papers, and I then taught them how to use this glorious app.  I showed them how to make sure their artwork was in the light near the window, and to be careful of their own shadows, how to retake if necessary, and then how to choose their name and date of when the work was done.

And now...I have (in theory, at least) dramatically reduced my workload as a Mommy!!!  And I have something for them to do from now till eternity (because I have bins of old artwork, too)!!!  And if they don't like doing it?  It goes in the trash. :)))))

Note: this experience was definitely not as pain-free as I have just described.  There were points where I needed to intervene, to remind them of the "trashing" option...and so, I've emphasized the fact that they need to pick pictures that mean a lot to them.  It's definitely a work in progress.  But now that I know they can do it (and truthfully, more likely to remember when the pieces were done), I'm checking that chore off of my list of things to do!!!

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