Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh, the ideas he has...

This morning, Everett informed me that he was going to bring these pictures he colored to school to be a fundraiser. 

Me:  "wow!  That's so nice of you. What are you raising money for?" 
Everett:  "well, they don't have to pay me. They can be free if they want to have them, but it's a fundraiser." 
Me:  "Who is the money for?" 
Everett:  "it's for you and daddy :) "
I laughed quietly, grinning at my sweet boy, and told him that was very sweet, but that's not really the type of thing fundraisers are for...
He explained to me that they don't have to pay him.  Only if they want to.
And so, when we got to school, Everett eagerly and proudly presented the pictures to his friends, and I pretty quickly saw a couple of kiddos hurry out to their backpacks in the hallway to set their new pieces of artwork with their things to take home.  :)
This kid.

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