Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tofu Nuggets...a big risk worth taking!!!

Last night, pretty much on a whim, I decided to "whip up" some Tofu Nuggets.  Richard had recently bought extra firm, cubed, organic tofu for another recipe we tried last week (more on that in an upcoming post), and I thought that rather than do that recipe again, I would try something new, AND finish off the rest of the baby spinach in one of the two containers residing in the fridge (always a supply of the green stuff in this house!).  

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I just accidentally turned to this page in one of my trusty cookbooks, "Deceptively Delicious."  But, booooyyyyy, did it pay off!!!!  

So anyway, here's the recipe (see my variation of it below the picture, and be sure to click on picture for a better view):

Instead of breadcrumbs (because, if I'm being honest, I just didn't feel like dirtying up my food processor and using all of my whole wheat bread...and I'm not going to use canned breadcrumbs with no nutritional value), I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour (I keep mine in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer...dunno if that's actually a valid suggestion, but I know my grandma does it...gotta respect that, right?).  

I also ended up with about a 1/2 cup of spinach puree.  And I didn't even use all of that.  But that could've been because I wasn't using big 'ol slices of tofu.  I pulled "a Dana" and didn't actually READ the tofu container, because if I did, I would've seen that the tofu was, indeed, CUBED.  And even though the recipe has cubing the tofu as an option, I'm pretty sure it would be bigger than these cubes.  Sigh.  

So after a little bit of messiness (and the smell of burning oil in my pan, due to my slow-going with itty-bitty pieces), I developed a method for dealing with these teeny-tiny cubes:

1.  Take a handful of them.  Drop them in the spinach/egg mixture.  Use a spoon to coat them really well.
2.  Use another spoon (or the other hand, that will inevitably become your "messy hand,") to pick up the green, little chunks, and drop them into the bread/flour mixture.
3.  Now, use your messy hand to roll them around a little bit, but also your clean hand, holding a dry spoon (I used the one that measured my paprika) to help coat them in bready-ness.
4.  This step is important:  pick up the chunks and use your hand to sift off the extra bread stuff.  This is important if you're using the ridiculously small tofu cubes like I was.  
5.  Gently place/toss your cubes in the oiled pan, and proceed per the instructions.

And check it out!  They look kinda like fried okra!!!!

And what's that?!?!?!  My super picky, super skeptical 4.5 year old going back for SECONDS!!!!

Again, more proof!!!!  You can hear my almost 8 year old daughter in the background saying they're awesome...and then my son comparing them to the Chick Fil-A platters he's seen at birthday parties!

All of this being said, I'm not gonna lie - I was very tempted to go workout during dinner time, so that I didn't have to be there to hear the whining and complaining about the meal I spent time making...but they each quickly picked one up, ate it, and were instantly sold!  This prompted me to try one...annnnnd, truth be told, I spit it out (without them seeing).  It was a little bland for me on first taste...but dipped it in ketchup and mustard and it was freakin' awesome!

So there ya go!  Try 'em, and tell me how your family responds!  I'd also love some suggestions on how to season this for a little more flavor!!!!

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