Monday, August 12, 2013

"Selfish Sewing" for this Mama...courtesy of "Everything Your Mama Made" :)

Friends, I have found an absolutely fantastic pattern for when you have just a little bit of time to sew for yourself...

I was honored to have gotten to test the soon-to-be-released pattern by Everything Your Mama Made, called "Kymy's Dolman Top" - it is versatile, versatile, versatile!!!!  And I'm only saying that in thinking of the ONE of FOUR different views I tried out!  Talk about a big bang for your buck!!!  

I used a lightweight knit fabric - purple with a little sparkle to it, and check out how many ways it can be worn!!!  By the way, this is "View A" - the "hi-lo" option, but like I said, there are a few other options you can try out as well!!!

Dress it down with shorts!

Wear it with pants, and it would be great for many workplaces!!!  I'm thinking this would ESPECIALLY be great for teachers!  Trendy, cute, AND comfortable!!!

Dress it up for a night out! If I were still performing, I'd totally wear this (or the pants version!), as the subtle sparkle of the fabric is perfect for a night out - whether on stage (for all you fellow musicians) or at a nice restaurant or concert hall!

Normally when I test a pattern, I don't do outfit changes...however, when my husband (who was taking the pictures), said,  "Do you REALLY need to take this many pictures?!!"  I said, "No...I suppose I don't *NEED* to" - - - but I explained to him (because apparently, I have a tendency to ignore rhetorical questions), "Seriously - this top is SO versatile - if I had put many, many hours into a pattern, I would totally love for someone to show potential buyers how freakin' awesome it is.  People might not think to pair it with pants, or with a nice skirt...and then still be able to wear it out and about with the kids!"

Ladies - do you see what I'm getting at?!  It would be a crime to NOT own this pattern!  Once you've printed, cut, and taped the pattern together, trace your size(s) onto freezer paper.  From there, you can either use your paper weights and rotary cutter, or iron the freezer paper directly onto your fabric, and then use your rotary cutter (I do the latter, usually).  You can do the ironing option MULTIPLE times with freezer paper!!!!  VERY helpful when it comes to cutting knits!!!!

Now.  Onto the practicality portion of this post:  if you're between sizes on the size chart, I'd recommend choosing the smaller size (woohooo!).  I'm wearing a Medium in this picture, and I'm currently 5'7" and weigh 155 (though in the process of losing more, which is why I was okay going a little smaller).  

I've seen pictures of other testers making this pattern into a dress, a long tunic to wear over leggings (the banded at the bottom version!), and there's even a version that has ruching on the sides, which lends itself to being a fantastic option for those wanting trendy maternity tops!  

So anyway, I'll leave you with the image of Hubster looking at me incredulously, as I changed earrings and shoes during the photo session* ... why would he act so confused and in disbelief?  The man's seen Project Runway!  I subject him to it every week!  Doesn't he know that styling counts, dammit?!  (disregard my crappy hair in these pics)  Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm a big fan.  My only complaint is that I'll have to buy more and more fabric to make as many of these as I know I'll want to wear!!!

*(please let me reassure you that I did all changing inside the house...I'm sure our neighbors were scratching their heads, as we'd go inside, come back out, take pics, repeat, and repeat...)

P.S. - Wanna win this pattern AND the girls version of this pattern?  Head over to Pattern Revolution and enter the contest HERE!

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