Friday, August 23, 2013

Revisiting Question of the Day...

So a little bit ago, Jillian asked, "Mommy, why does it seem like all animals have something like a tail?"

I thought a bit and said, "Well, I guess that since we don't have tails, it can't be that all mammals have tails, right?"

Everett chimed in:  "Do butterflies have tails?"

Jillian:  "Oh!  No!  They don't!  Insects don't have tails!"

We kinda ran through a random list of other mammals to see if we could figure this out - koalas, platypus, whales, dolphins...

Jillian said, "Apes don't have tails!  Chimpanzees don't have tails! . . . so, I think that it's PRIMATES that don't have tails! . . . I think it might be that other animals have tails to keep their balance..."

(Richard just reminded me that monkeys have tails . . . and they're primates (cue the debbie downer sound effect...killed our hypothesis...and then said, some animals just have tails to swat things away - like cows). Fine.

I told her that I love her questions.

She said, "Yeah, I think that might be my hardest question so far.  . . . Except for that other really hard question I had about what happened before the Big Bang."

This kid.

Other notes from today, while I'm at it (all from Jillian):

"I think that my favorite subjects are math and history.  And reading."

I told her, "Maybe you don't have a favorite - it's okay to like everything . . . you like science too, right?"

"Well, not really.  Not as much.  I think I really like math."

"And I just really like history.  Did you know that Cleopatra died by being bitten by a poisonous snake?"

Then, she says, kind of laughing at herself like she's a bit embarrassed to admit it - "I don't know why, but whenever I think of Egypt, I think of ancient Egypt.  Even though I know it's different now.  And, it's weird to think about Ancient America..." (I reminded her that America isn't all that old) - she said, "oh yeah - it's not as old as Greece, and Italy, and Egypt..."

Again - this kid.

A little while ago, when I was asking her to verify some of what I'm typing, she asked what I was doing, and after telling her, she eagerly told me something else...
"Did you know that scientists have discovered a new monkey with a blue bottom (giggling)?"

She's so much like my Dad.  Just thrives off of knowledge.  Said today, "I just have so many questions.  I wish I could just know it all and not have to look everything up..."

Which reminds me - this past Sunday at church, they had a lesson about all the questions we are the ones she wrote down:

"How many extinct animals have there ever been?"
"How do we move?"
"How many years have people been around?"
"Why are we on earth?" (MY FAVORITE!)
"When did people start eating animals?"

Okay, better go - just had to record some of these precious memories.  :)

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