Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Little Superhero

Tonight, after bedtime stories/practicing reading...

After a short conversation that we have had several times - one in which Everett says that he doesn't ever want to leave me and always wants to live with me, we had this very interesting exchange:

Everett:  Mommy?  Are superheroes real?

Me:  What do you think?

E:  Yes.

M:  Okay.

E:  Well, I want to be a superhero (kinda whiny, as if realizing they're not real)

M:  Okay - you can be...did you know that policemen and firemen are kinda superheroes?

E:  Yes.

M:  Can you tell me what a superhero IS and what a superhero does?

E:  They save people.

M:  Yeah, so policemen, firemen, doctors, animal doctors - there are LOTS of superheroes around us - and they don't all wear capes, do they?  

E:  No...  

M:  But, what if you were a superhero that had a cape...what color cape would you have (it would be fun to make one for him :) )

E:  Rainbow colors!

M:  Okay - would there be anything on your cape?  Like, a letter or number or symbol or shape?

E:  Well, actually, I would want to be Captain America, and he has wings on his helmet.  

M:  I thought Thor had wings on his helmet?

E:  Yeah.  They both do.  But Captain America's wings go like this (puts hands on head and makes them move)

M:  You don't want to be a totally different superhero that isn't like someone else?

E:  No.

M:  Okay :)

E:  Well, actually, I would probably want to be the Hulk.

M:  Oh really?? I don't know...I don't know if you're scary enough...

E:  Well, I'd probably just paint myself green.

M:  What kind of paints?  Watercolors?

E:  No.  Just paints.

M:  What about markers or crayons?

E:  No.  PAINT.

M: would you paint your back?

E:  Eh, well...I would probably just have one of the other superheroes do it - I would just hand them the bucket and ask them to paint my back.

M:  Oh,'s good that you've got all of this figured out.

E:  Yeah.

M:  Well, what if you could have a cape now?  What color would it be?

E:  Well, I would probably grow out of it.  But...let me show you how big it would need to be (gets out of chair to show me with his arms how big...counts imaginary "inches," totaling 8).  So, 8 inches!

M:  What color?

E:  Blue.

M:  Okay...dark blue, light blue...?

E:  Eh, you choose :)

M:  Okay.  Any symbol?

E:  Well, I think the Superman logo.

M:  Oh, maybe with an "E" instead of an "S"???

E:  No!  That would be confusing!

M:  Oh, okay.  You're right.

Fast forward to tucking Everett into bed - he has one last thought:

E:  I changed my mind - I don't want to live with you when I grow up.  I want my own house.  But I don't want to get married.  Because, that would be pretty confusing for them when I'm a, when I kiss them.

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