Monday, August 5, 2013

It's been 4 months, but I'm not slackin' -- I promise!

So a lot has happened over the last few months...

Around Mother's Day, I decided that my priorities were a little out of whack...or, at least, what I was spending the most time on didn't match up to what I knew I wanted my priorities to be...Okay, to make it less complicated:  I was spending too much time on my business, Silly Jillybeans, and not enough time being the best mommy I could be.

Since arriving at this realization, I've worked on spending more time as Mommy and less time saying "yes" to fulfilling sewing and crafting orders.  The passion for all things crafty is still there, but I decided to make that passion work with the way our life is right now.  I took it as an opportunity to really try some new things, get better at other things, and to make more things for my own kids and myself!  :)

I'm super glad I made the decision I did, because it has really allowed me to get to know a lot of fantastic ladies in the sewing world, via Facebook!!!!  As weird and/or cheesy as it might sound, it means so much to know that there's a community out there that can relate to me and my love for sewing and all things creative.  It's helped me get a better handle on what things I like to make and what things I'm not all that excited to make.  I've been pleasantly surprised to see that there are so, so many women out there that are more than willing to help each other in so many ways:  "I'm at Hobby Lobby right now, but can't remember - what is the yardage for (insert pattern name here) in a sz. 7?"  2 minutes later, I get the answer.  I've also seen lots of posts like, "I've been asked to make (insert pattern and sz here), but they also want this added, this applique, and by next much should I charge?"  And then no less than 20 helpful comments follow!  

Anyway, I suppose it's just the nature of technology playing such a huge role in all of our lives, but it's strange to think that when I met Richard on about 11 years ago, that would be only the first of many types of relationships I'd have the opportunity to nurture over the years.  Again, it's not as weird as my inability to articulate it is making it short, I just feel privileged to have "met" and learned so much from the pattern designers and fellow sewing enthusiasts on Facebook.  Yep, that makes me sound like a dork.  Buttttt, I think anyone (?) can appreciate the validation one feels when they are able to relate to others, share victories, concerns, questions, rants, "I DID IT! ISN'T IT PRETTY?!" pictures, etc. with people who can truly understand and "get" the time, energy, talent, and work that went into it...  Right?

So.  All of that being said, I'm hoping that this will be the post that reignites my blogging.  Because frankly, I need any easy way for pattern designers to see pictures and samples of my sewing and photography skillz, so that when I apply to test for them, I can send them to one link with evvvvvverything there.  

And that will be this blog.

The plan is to have an "I Made It" section on the blog, and then possibly another, more specific section titled, "I Tested It."  

Oh yeah.  I guess I never got to the part in my update where I tell y'all that I've been REALLY enjoying testing some super fun, super cute patterns for a few different pattern designers!!!!!  These are the opportunities that have allowed me to really get to "know" a variety of awesome people!!!!

So...without further ado, I will hit the "Publish" button and we'll cross our fingers that I keep up with this blog better than I kept up with the 8 or 9 diaries I had as a kid...(don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!)

Have a fantastic week and feel free to comment!  Maybe it'll motivate me to keep up the blogging!
-Dana :)

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