Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Could these leggings BE any cuter?!?

Alright, so the ladies over at Pattern Revolution are in school-mode (because, at this point in the summer, aren't we all at least almost in that mindset?!  Yes, I'm thinking of you, friend with the app that counts down the seconds till the First Day of School commences...).  And in honor of school-like conditions, they are conducting a super duper scientific study to see which legging pattern is the MOST awesome.  Yes, I'm implying that they are ALL awesome.  Full Disclosure:  I only own one of the three patterns, but won't lie - I've drooled over the other two (peek-a-boo patterns "Lollipop Leggings" and Lily Giggle's "Petunia Petal Pants")...I've seen the pictures and read the reviews.  I'm confident in making the assertion that they're all awesome.

But, as I said, I only own one of the three patterns in the running:  The Jocole Ruffled Leggings :)

I'll just let the pictures show you how amazingly awesome and adorable they are (in the "short" length...can't wait to try capris and full-length ones soon!):

Yep.  The outfit doesn't exaaaaactly match.  But I had finished them the night before, and HAD to get my daughter to try them on before leaving for school that morning!!!!  So, you're seeing how adorable they are with the shirt that was meant to go with something else! :)

Okay, so about the little collage above...I'm just gonna say it...even though it might sound twisted:  I'm jealous of my 7 year old's cute, little butt in those pics!  Or maybe it's the awesome fit of the leggings???

Perhaps y'all should just get the pattern and see what you think...heck, get all 3 and do a comparative analysis!

But anyway, SUPER cute, RIGHT?!!?!?

Thanks for stoppin' by and don't forget to check out Pattern Revolution for more sewing goodness!!

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