Sunday, February 3, 2013

Too Much

Our house looks even more turned upside down than the norm, BUT...I got a decent amount accomplished today:  almost done with E's bday invitations and mailing some out tomorrow; finished up Jody's Silly Jillybeans order to be mailed out tomorrow; prepped a few more Hearts for the kids' doors (see previous pics); cleaned the kids' bathroom countertop and mopped the floor; took the kids to feed the ducks tonight (pics to be posted later!); and started some laundry!  However, please note that when I say our house is turned upside down, this is probably an understatement.

Who knows how many loads of laundry need to be folded and put away...and how many square feet are covered in miscellaneous crafting supplies...I feel like I have my hands in so many things (like most Mommies), that I can never even begin to get the house in a state where I can feel okay crafting cute Vday decor...because, what would be the point?  I could hang the decor, but nobody would notice because my ADD has manifested itself in the form of stuff everywhere.

All of this to say that I don't know whether to feel proud of myself for doing these things for the kids (handmade invitations; daily vday door decor expressing the things we love about them; quick trip to feed the ducks, etc.) OR overwhelmed (Richard is sick of hearing me use that word...) by all that is left to do...

Some say that their house is a reflection of themselves.  And I'll admit it...ours is a reflection of me.  The words, "too much" probably sum it up best:  too much I need to do, want to do, have to do; too much stuff; too much time spent on this project or that project...too much brainstorming...too much guilt resulting from expectations of myself that can only be described as "too much."

The ironic thing is that in having so much "too much," the resulting feeling is "not enough."

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