Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whooo Loves You?

I've decided that I might "borrow" a few posts from our family blog that is rarely updated, simply in an effort to make this one a bit more exciting as I continue the nonstop juggling act of being a Mommy, keeping the house remotely presentable, and working on Silly Jillybeans orders.

I have to say, I'm really, really happy about having blogged what I did (way back when)...it melts my heart to see my sweet girl so much younger and squeezable and just....oh.  It really does go by fast...

Anyway, since my "Not for the Dull..." blog has heavy emphasis on crafty things, I thought this Valentine's post from 2010 would be a good one to share, as we approach the big V-Day :)  Plus, I just love this card I made.  It's not one of my most complex, involved ones, but I love the colors and the whimsy.

Enjoy!!!  Make sure you read the RIDICULOUSLY EASY description of how I threw this card together.  Seriously.  Way.  Easy.  3 words:  Target Dollar Spot.
Jillian has been SUPER excited about Valentine's Day for a while now.  Every morning has been just one day closer...well tonight, Jillian got to open a little something from us...

Ugh.  If we could only break her of this habit.  Jillian puts her hands on her ears in response to the following things:  "loud" noises; Mommy and/or Daddy sternly explaining something (not all the time, though); Mommy and/or Daddy singing (also not all the time).  In the picture below, I was singing a Fresh Beats song...

Checking out the Mommy-made card:

A little Blueberry Muffin doll!  Fun!!!

She was pretty excited that this doll was "just like Lemon Meringue and Strawberry Shortcake...because you can take off their shirts (and switch them out)."

The card I made for Jillian :)  She instantly said (in reference to the inside of the card), "It's a PATTERN!  Red, purple, red, purple!"

Happy Valentine's Day, Jillian!  We LOVE you!!!!


1.  Buy the following supplies:  Cheap set of card-making supplies at Target Dollar Spot.  My set included 2 (maybe 4?) cards, some animal cutouts, buttons with adhesives on the backs, ribbon, a few stickers, and envelopes.  Also, one of those cheap packages of 2 to 4 small clear stamps and small ink pad.

Warning/Disclaimer:  Normally, I put my blinders on as I approach the general vicinity of The Dollar Spot in Target, pretty much in an effort to avoid spending absurd amounts of money (ironically enough).  Sometimes, it's because I have a child or two in tow, but either way, it's monetarily risky.  However, it seems I came out of the process relatively unscathed this time.  I'm giving you permission to go to this section for the purposes of Valentine card making ONLY.  But that's as far as my responsibility goes, people.  You're on your own after that.  Tell yourself you need to book it to the Starbucks across the store and get the helloutta the Dollar Spot AS SOON as you get the supplies!!!!

2.  Assuming you found a card kit in which the card is textured, use a little sander (something like this if you're fancy; you can also use a big ol' nail file or some sanding paper) to sand away the top layer of color from the card (I wanted to do that to this one because it started out just looking way shiny and one-dimensional...despite the raised dot texture).

3.  Use funky handwriting to write on the back of any small scrap of paper you have within a foot radius of where you're sitting.  Fold and tear carefully to give a rugged/torn look; use scissors if you're going for a clean look.

4.  Use tape runner or glue dots to stick one of the packaged cutouts (in my case, an owl) to the card; then your little paper with text, then the button with adhesive.

5.  Stamp a fun shape on the inside of the card.  I did hearts.  Raid your kids' crayon/colored pencil supply. Do a cute-messy coloring of the inside of the stamps.  Write something fun in your funky handwriting.

6.  You're done!  Put it in the envelope (maybe include some of the stickers that came with your card pack, too - my personal experience is that stickers are an instant WIN!), use the funky handwriting to write their name on it, and YOU'RE DONE!!!!!  Easy.Peasy.

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