Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Craft Room Angel(s)

2 nights ago, I stayed up WAY too late, trying to figure out the settings for my newly acquired serger.*  I was seriously frustrated.  Randomly breaking lower looper thread, some threads too loose, and just a general confusion about what magical mixture of settings would work for my purposes.  For those unfamiliar with sergers (as I was until recently), there are 4 tension settings (as opposed to the normal 1 with a sewing machine):  left and right needle threads, & upper and lower looper threads.  Settings go from 0 to 11.  

Anyway, I wasn't going about it completely blind - I tried the recommended settings in the manual (or at least, what you should start with and then "go from there").  I was also thrilled to find Oretha's own settings hand-written in a couple of places (no doubt corresponding to certain materials for specific projects).  Even those weren't working consistently.

Fast forward 48 hours.  I had already decided I was going to just "recover"/erase the serger issues I had that might have potentially been visible the garment I was working on, and move forward with conventional sewing machine alternatives.  I began to sit on the floor, ready with my rotary cutter and a revised mental plan. 

But just as I sat down, something caught my eye.  It was a small-ish piece of paper with Oretha's hand-writing.  I quickly recognized it as a (possibly new) set of settings for the serger.  I reluctantly took the paper over to the sewing table, adjusted the dials, got a scrap piece of fabric, and tried it out.  

It worked.

I was instantly over.the.moon.excited!!!!!!!!  But before that instant, I first thought how absolutely strange it was that I had never seen this small piece of paper.  It must have fallen out of the manual.  But not seeing it over the span of a couple of days?  I know this craft room is farrrrr from perfection, but even so, I'm very aware of "what is where" in here (LOL).  

I'm typically not this superstitious/sappy/hokey, but I'd like to believe that Oretha (and my Grandmother - they were very close) was with me in that moment, and knew the frustration I had felt.  And could feel the sense of disappointment in not being able to follow through on my initial plans, despite the fact that I had logged MANY hours trying to figure it all out.  

So anyway, I'd just like to give a heavenly "shout out" to Oretha!  I think of you and my Grandma Jeanne every.single.time I sit down to sew.  

Thanks to both of you for blessing me with the love, patience, and appreciation for these skills.  

I love you both and think of you all the time.  Thank you for showing me that I'm still in your thoughts as well.  

Love you much,
me <3

*My sewing/knitting mentor, also known as my "Grand-Godmother Oretha" told her son (my Godfather) that her collection of all things sewing, etc. (including furniture and machines) should go to me after her passing.  While her amazing Singer sewing machine and its numerous accessories are mine to keep, the White serger is on loan for the time being - totally fine with me, of course!