Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Boy/Booger Bear/E-Dawg Turns 3!!!

It is now official.  I am no longer a Mommy of a 2 year old.
Unsurprisingly, I had to document "3 Year's Eve" . . . 

Here are my 2 favorite fitting that they're wearing matching Superman gear, because they're both super heroes in their own, awesome ways!!!

Moving on to celebrating our little guy's birthday:

First, we celebrated with my parents last weekend, at Chuck E. Cheese.  This was way.more.chaotic than I could have ever expected.  We didn't do an "official" party there, but it was still fun...especially if you consider it fun to try to hunt down an almost 3 year old multiple times, in the craziness of a Sunday afternoon at C.E.C.  This kid has no fear.  I swear, he'd be with me one second, and GONE in half that time.  Literally.  I feel like I'd blink, and he'd be nowhere to be found...and in that short period of time, he would end up on the other side of the game area.  I guess my look of PANIC was in full effect at least once, because a couple of fellow mommies came up to me and said, "What is he wearing?  We know that look of panic.  Let us help you!"

And, of course, E would be safely playing with this or that game.  

Seriously.  This kid.

Anyway, here we are :)
(Daddy's shoulders are pretty much the safest place for our super-fast and curious stinker!)

Today, we celebrated with an official "party"
Here are the details in picture form:

For the invitations, I just used various cardstock, scrapbook paper, Cars stickers, and Market Street Stamps "Pretty Perfect Grid" clear stamp.  Font for the text was Silhouette Online's LD Mischievous, and I happily let my Silhouette sketch pens do the work for me :) 

This year, I took some shortcuts and didn't make my own icing.  I made the cake, but had "a breakthrough" (according to my husband) by actually saying it would be okay for him to pick up *gasp* store.bought.icing.  And let me tell you - it was AWESOME.  Sure, it probably didn't taste as great.  But man, was it fun to be able to knock that cake out WAY faster than usual!

I had no clue that Wilton made silver sprinkles, but lo and behold, they do!  I was looking for anything resembling a road, so they worked out perfectly!  Hubby found the Squinkies version of Cars characters, so that made the design of the cake easier to decide upon...something that could accommodate more than just a couple of a "3" racetrack!

I got the idea for Stoplight Snacks from where else?  Pinterest!  Mad in Crafts' "Stoplight Cookies" were pinned to one of my boards at some point, and I modified them a little bit by taking the easy way out and using graham crackers, chocolate icing, and M&Ms.

Of course, birthdays are just another opportunity to try out new shirt designs and test my sewing skillz.
I completed the Mater shirt almost a week before the party...and then decided that making invitations and a cake just wasn't enough.  I *needed* to make a Cars themed skirt for my daughter as well.  

And, since this was my first attempt at a skirt, I didn't exactly whip it out as quickly as one might (maybe?) expect.  Instead, I'll let my Silly Jillybeans FB status share the sad truth:
why did I convince myself that my daughter needed a Cars themed skirt for her *brother's* Cars birthday party? Oh, right...I needed/wanted an excuse to try a skirt pattern...and here I am, at 4:40am, about to go to bed. *sigh*


Even with a lack of sleep, I'm so, so happy I stayed up and figured it out (the waistband portion of the pattern kinda tripped me retrospect, I should have just made an elastic casing).

I'm not sure why I have the crazy need to make everything myself, but I hope that my kiddos always know that it's done with so much love.

I am so thankful for these sweet kids.
For each wonderful birthday I get to share with them. 
Here's to many more fun celebrations - with or without accompanying craftiness!!!!

Much love to my sweet THREE year old!!!!  Mommy loves you!!!

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