Monday, February 13, 2012

On Demand.

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"On demand."  When I try to describe how my business, Silly Jillybeans, functions right now, "on demand" is the first thing that comes to mind.  I know - it sounds a bit weird, and to all you nursing mamas out there, your mind probably went in a totally different direction!  :)

But anyway.  I just wanted to journal my current feelings on my crafting.  It's absolutely amazing - and amazingly flattering - to feel so in demand as a creator of crafty things.  I'm very aware of the fact that there are a bazillion other crafty people out there, but I'm sure that much like many of those others, crafting is not an option.  It really is what keeps me sane and happy.  Not in the same way my husband and kids do, of course - because they do.  But this is a more personal, "I did it" kind of happiness/fulfillment.  And really, the process of designing and figuring out all of the elements of a creation are exhilarating.  So many fabric options, thread choices, fonts, mediums, you name it.  Ultimately, there may be a bazillion other crafty people out there, but somehow, what I do still feels extremely unique and custom.  Even when clearly, there are other similar products out there.  

So when someone tells me that they were looking for a baby/baptism gift and checking out ideas on Etsy, but then decided, "Hey, I'm gonna ask Dana to do this!" I am extremely humbled - and motivated! - to create whatever it is that that person needs or wants!  In this respect, it's like "creating on demand."  Sorta?  Maybe?  What I love just as much is that I've heard so many times, "I was wondering if you could do {insert creation here}, and put your Dana-Silly Jillybeans 'spin' on it!  I totally trust you - whatever you think, I'm sure it'll be fantastic."  I mean, do you KNOW how much that means to me?!?  That feels like a "bazillion" compliments in one statement!  However, the first few times I heard it, I felt more pressure than anything else.  And I still feel that pressure - but in a good way - keeps me on my game! :)

Back to the "on demand" thing - I think that that feeling is more in effect when I have 5 or 6 very different, custom orders in the works...and then someone places yet another, very new and different order!  It's a nice balance to the other pieces that I do more consistently - the Holiday shirts and the "That's What She Said" and "I Shoot People" signs and shirts.  Even with those pieces, I still get the rush of picking out new colors!  So many opportunities to keep my creative juices flowing, ya know?!

Anyway, thought I'd share the baby/baptism gift I ended up creating . . . the gift-giver wanted the baby to have something that could stay with her for a long time :)

I'm very happy with how it turned out!

Hope my posts make some sort of vague I said before, I'm trying to be better about writing about this aspect of my life... :)

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