Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Two Front Teeth...

Recently, a Silly Jillybeans Facebook Fan requested two, girly Tooth Fairy Tooth Pillows for her two granddaughters.  I had "sew" much fun creating them, and hope the girls love squeezing them tightly at night, as they await a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Only problem now is...my daughter has pointed out that these are more soft than hers!  Oops : /  All I can say is that I did hers before anyone else's, and since that first one, I made some (good) changes!  The best part is that they're all about the same size (approximately 11" tall and 9" at widest point), and are super squeezable!  Definitely more squeezable than the tiny tooth pillow I was able to put under my pillow as a kid!  Because of that, on nights that there is a tooth in the pocket, my daughter usually stands the pillow up on her nightstand, so that the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to find it in her bed.  To make it even easier for the Tooth Fairy, my daughter left a note the first couple of times, explaining that "this tooth" (meaning the pillow) was NOT the tooth to be taken...the tooth to be taken was in the pocket! :))  HAHAHAHA!!!!  Now...if only I could find the picture I took of that adorable, little note...

Anyway, if you're interested in some plushie teeth for the little ones in your life, shoot me an email at orders@sillyjillybeans.com and let's get one started for you!  Girly teeth are $20 each, as they include eyelashes and a flower bow; teeth without these details (could be for a boy or girl) are $15 each.  All teeth include a pocket on the back for tucking away baby teeth to be whisked away while they're in dreamland. ;)

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