Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart's calling...

Yesterday, I posted the following status on my SillyJillybeans Facebook page:

what is with my brain the last couple of days? i just got back from running, took a shower, and while in the shower, a painting idea hit me just like the shirt idea last night in bed! my plan was to do the shirt while the kids are at school, but this painting idea is about to bust outta my brain. i hurried my shower, threw my wet hair in a clip, grabbed paint brushes, etc., and am about to see what happens!

I think I'm having the opposite of something similar to writer's block.  The ideas will not stop coming!  Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining; it's just funny that it's happening now, right after I decided to relax more on the business side of SJB.  I thought, "eh, I think I'll just make what I want to make..."  At the time, I really didn't have anything in particular in mind, but figured that I'd work on getting the craft room back to normal after adding some new shelving for my fabric.  I had an idea here and there - basically, things I've made for other people, but that I thought would be nice to make for our own home.  Nothing particularly earth shattering or novel.  

But I guess that just the simple act of letting up on the reigns, relaxing, and not thinking so much about the business of SJB, enabled me to tap into other parts of my brain.  Still the creative side, but probably even more so, since so much of my energy was being directed the other way as well.  

First, I noticed that my brain would start wandering to the crafty world just like it normally does...but in a more natural, less purposeful way.  Somehow, it seemed to result in more clear, almost urgent intentions.  I drove home from Michael's Sunday night.  And *BAM!* a Valentine's shirt idea hit me out of nowhere.  I was driving, but I felt the intense need to do something about the idea.  I called Richard and said, "I know you're feeding the kids, but I just had this idea for a shirt, but I'm driving.  Can I tell it to you, so that you can remind me of it later, in case I forget?"  And, of course, he let me dictate my thoughts as he typed them out in an email to myself.  

But then one night later, those thoughts still in the email, I posted the following status on the Silly Jillybeans FB page at 2:35am:

Finally got in bed...2 minutes of laying there and an idea for a Valentines shirt hits me...I run with the idea for a while before I finally decided I just need to grab my phone and email myself the detailed directions as to how I should make it....My mind was racing like crazy and I'm fairly certain that I really would've gone crazy had i tried to just fall asleep and revisit the idea tomorrow...

So my plan, yesterday, was to follow up on THAT idea.  But that's when I had the painting idea in the shower.  

So I figured I'd share the painting that I started yesterday late morning, and finished up late last night (I've posted lots of pictures because I just can't seem to capture the texture in pictures, as it is in, some were taken at night with different lighting):

All of my Valentine's Day creations (L to R:  last year, this year, 2 years ago):

Stay tuned to see the 2 different shirt ideas mentioned earlier in this post! :)
One is almost complete; the other is still in an email...

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  1. Love this! The suspense is killing me on the shirt...