Friday, December 16, 2011

A "Motor Man" Wreath

My son LOVES playing with toy motorcycles.  He loves pretending that Buzz Lightyear is a "motor man" and gets to his next location with the help of a loud, "vrrrroooming" motorcycle.

In this spirit, I have named the following custom order (for Deanna at The Sugared Cookie)
"Motor Man" Wreath.  It sure doesn't sound like something that would have some weathered tulle and cute, polka dot fabric.  But no worries - black burlap, silver studs, and the famous Harley Davidson logo balance out the "cute" and give this creation a little more of an edgy look!

Who would've thought that Harley Davidson fabric would've been near impossible to find?!  I ended up buying men's pajama shorts with a nice pattern, and cutting those into pieces!

With most of my wreaths, I use rhinestone centers...for this wreath, I felt like silver, square studs looked more appropriate.  ;)

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