Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dull Women Don't Have Muffintops????

Today at work, I experienced what no woman should ever experience. After helping a customer, she and I had the following exchange:

CustomerWhen is your baby due?


CustomerYeah, your baby...

Me: Oh, uh - yeah, this is the leftover muffintop from my baby...(I suppose I should've pluralized it - maybe that would have helped my case?)

CustomerOh, how old is your baby?


CustomerOh...(cue all of the awkward stories about the customer's experience with her own muffintop still being there after "x" number of years...and the same with her sister, etc.)

So here's the weird part. I didn't feel about it the way I thought I'd feel about it...I thought I was more secure in myself and with my body than I apparently am. I tried to kind of laugh it off at first, but then, as I was called up to the register to help ring up people, I realized that it really, really got to me. It had totally thrown off my "game." I'm normally super upbeat and happy at work - because I really and truly love my job. But I was just.completely.out of it from that point on.  I continued to ring up people, and guess what?  I had the total joy (this is where a "sarcasm" font would be nice) of ringing up the person who made the comment.  

A few transactions later, the line had gone down and I found my managers in the stockroom to ask where they wanted me to go...and it only took a minute of talking about the incident (that I had already told them about) for me to completely lose it.  Like, really crying.  REALLY?!  I'm seriously more secure than that!  But maybe not...anyway, I somehow made it to the breakroom, finished my crying (however, had to retell the story to a couple of co-workers, so that they could understand why I was simply not myself), but then had to wait awhile for my eyes to return to looking normal.  They were completely, totally red.  Luckily, one of the people back there was one of my managers, whom I consider to be one of my best friends at work, and totally easy to talk to.  He did a good job asking me about other things going on, getting me to talk about the kids, Richard, etc.  After a bit, my eyes looked okay enough to return to the floor.  I still couldn't shake how pissed I was at the fact that something so dumb had affected me, but I'm hoping that writing about it will just put it to rest. 

So I don't know.  As Richard told me, "A stupid person said something stupid to me."  He's right.  And that's totally how I THOUGHT I would have reacted.  Weird.  You think you're a strong, confident woman, secure in yourself...until a moron says something to you about the way you look.  Ugh. 

No matter what though, regardless of my conflicted and/or hurt feelings, having my 2, amazing kiddos makes up for any, ol' muffintop!

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