Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tara's La Hacienda Ranch Birthday Celebration!

My "awesome" friend, Tara (we have decided that we share the same "awesomeness"), threw herself a super fun 31st birthday dinner at La Hacienda Ranch, and we had a blast helping her celebrate the amazing friend and person that she is!

Good friend, Chrys was there, too! She's the reason I know Tara! Chrys and I met in childbirth class when we were both pregnant with our first children. It was through her blog that I met Tara (and Sundee...and Anne, who were also there).

Tara and her friend, Jessica

Tara and Sundee!

After "knowing" Anne for about 5 years (I started reading her blog when she was also pregnant with her first, Penelope - who is only a month or two older than Jillian), I FINALLY got to meet her!

And what a way to meet someone! Anne did her best with a Shake Weight that was (strangely) in someone's office at the restaurant...

What? Did you seriously think I could resist trying it out myself???
Why of course, I had to try my hand at it...

I was told I had good form.

The birthday girl got to wear this super-sexy, rockin' sombrero and sit on a saddle, as we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, in celebration of her "21st birthday"!!!

Tara and Sundee...who knows what these two are laughing about!

A non-Olan Mills pic of us! So glad we're friends! Love you, Tara!!!!

What a great evening! I had the privilege of meeting lots of wonderful, fellow mommies, had great conversation, and great food! Perfect!

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