Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Michael Buble!!!!

After having Starbucks brought to me by Richard and the kids, I got up and found this presentation on this bar:

Very sweet. I'm so lucky to have a husband that really tries and is so thoughtful. He is absolutely fantastic and more creative (with crafts) than he would probably ever admit to being...

Anyway, the previous day, at my surprise celebration Richard gave me Michael Buble tickets. What a treat: a night with Michael Buble. Ever since hearing he would be in Dallas the day before my birthday, I had been determined to somehow I didn't care where the seats were, but I was sure that I wanted to experience this event now knowing many more of his songs than the last concert we went to of his.

Before going into the arena, I was compelled to have Richard take a picture of me and my "boyfriend..."

Unfortunately, I had to wait until this poor child was done having her picture taken. Richard and I felt like the only ones that weren't taken by how "adorable" she was...because we could see that she was merely a means to an end of her caregiver's desire to have an autograph (which they got during the concert, for all to see...we were shocked that they had a pen, paper, and camera ready to go, after Michael Buble couldn't avoid seeing noticed the girl holding up a sign).

Anyway, so we went, hoping that even though the seats were in the very highest section (though still in the lower portion), that the fact that they were in the center would make it better...and the seats were GREAT! I'm honestly not sure there's a bad seat in AAC! Given that, however - and I'm not complaining by any means - I wouldn't be opposed to getting closer seats the next time we see Michael. Luckily, though, I had my super, duper camera and my ginormous lens. Hey, that's what these types of lenses are for, right?

(I also brought the "regular" lens and a hand held camera as well...I'm sure I looked like a total nut job!)

Something I realized at the last concert was that the parts where he talks to the audience are some of THE most entertaining!!!! So I decided that I would record video of all of those! When I first tried out the "big" camera's recording abilities from the distance we were at, I guess I thought it wasn't all that great (even despite the bazooka-like lens on it!). So I switched to using the "little" camera's video. Well, toward the end of the concert, for whatever reason, I switched to using the big camera for video and immediately began kicking myself for stupidly not using it for everything else! Sigh. You can still hear everything, but it can be a bit of a struggle, so a high volume level is definitely best. As far as clarity with the picture, it can be a bit fuzzy at times, as the camera is constantly trying to focus. Another sigh. Live and learn though, right? Now I know better for next time! (and there WILL be a next time!)

Here are some still shots I took of handsome, charismatic, cutie Michael Buble:

After the concert, we had our picture taken by some nice, fellow Buble fans:

It was SUCH a fun, entertaining concert, and I was so, so thrilled to get to share it all with my amazing husband...courtesy of said amazing husband! :)

Even though it would have ordinarily been way to late to eat a meal, we were both very hungry, and agreed that Cafe Brazil would be a fun place to go to; for me, it was neat to visit the same place I so often hung out at many, many nights in high school, often times with my friend Erin. And, just as Erin always did, I ordered the Vegetarian Migas. O.M.G. SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD.
Here is a picture Richard took shortly after I officially turned 30:

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